Innovation Consulting Service

We help create innovation

Conventional seed-need matching has been too dependent on individual skills. It has often been time-consuming and costly, so not easy to happen. We want to make it faster and more efficient. By human imagination and information processing complementing each other.

How we solve your problem:

A basic concept is that we start with clients' needs and identify technology seeds that help solve the problems.

It is a crowdsourcing-like approach,
but we differentiate ourselves in the following points:

  • -Lowering hurdles for clients to use
  • -Incentives for both seed providers and clients
  • -Clients and seed providers can adjust information disclosure
  • -Clients can develop a first-mover advantage

Technologies we have helped and are helping

  • Active carbon
  • Antifouling coating
  • High speed atomic force microscopy
  • Near-body communication
  • Non-destructive evaluation
  • Optical tweezers
  • DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) coating
  • Electro-optical sensor
  • Millimeter wave
  • Nutrition catheter
  • Water battery
  • Biometric information sensors
  • Injectable polymer
  • Pharmacologic studies using silkworms
  • Functional foods
  • Amyloid-β aggregation inhibitor
  • Fiber reinforced plastics
  • Brain machine interface
  • Migraine biomarker identification
  • Antibacterial deodorant products
  • Salty taste enhancer
  • Thermoacoustic engine
  • Polycarbonate with super hard coat
  • Gelling of fish meat
  • Bio-resins
  • Bloodflow monitoring
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Piezo pump
  • Radiological decontamination
  • Slide-ring material
  • Sound picking
  • Wavelength converter
  • Blasting
  • Cholesterol absorption inhibitor
  • Bone loss prevention
  • Security software
  • Adhesive
  • Amorphous silica
  • Wearable AR device
  • Human machine interface
  • Laser for overactive bladder treatment
  • Chemiluminescence detector
  • Communication robot
  • Micro needle
  • Sugar alcohol manufacturing
  • Food waste methane fermentation
  • Heavy metal immobilization